Heather Doyle/Owner

Worked in the field of seniors and disabilities for over 37 years, Moving from New Brunswick to Calgary in 1996 Heather began her career journey, initially , as a psych nurse in 1982, Attained her Certification of Human Services Counsellor in 1988 and completed her Recreation certification in 2014. Heather opened Loving Hands Partners In Care in Airdrie January 2016, relocating to Calgary April 1, 2021

Meet Ana, our Program Manager

Hello everyone, I am a social worker and have worked with people in vulnerable situations since 2010. I have been fortunate to be able to work for the last 3 years with special needs people. I am characterized by being a creative, loving, and gentle person; I am also a positive person, and I want to share my smile with you. I am from Colombia; therefore, I have the possibility to teach Spanish at a native level, providing a multilingual learning experience for you. In addition, I love technology and I think it is important to build skills that can push us to connect with others. All these will help you to develop important tools for the future which will allow you to explore what the world has to offer.

Meet Katya our Art instructor at the Calgary center!

Katya is a full-time artist who has travelled around the world, soaking in all the different cultures she experienced, and landed in a small, quiet town in Alberta, Canada. She believes that creativity is one of life’s largest purposes, and is constantly seeking for and discovering new things. What does that mean for her artistic journey? It means she studies new techniques, explores new genres, and experiments with as many facets of art as she can, especially the performing and visual arts. (Learn more about Katya’s performing art journey here). Katya’s art does not fit one specific style or discipline, but her work is united by her love of life and everything that encompasses. Painting makes her happy, and she considers it a great honour to be able to share this happiness with you.

Meet Ron Simon – Loving Hands – Music Therapy Leader

Ron has been a Singer/Musician/Song Writer/Entertainer since the 70’s. Ron hailed from Drumheller where he entertained for a number of years also wrote a song about Drumheller on it’s 50th Birthday called ”Drumhellers Home” which in the time of records, became the Largest 45 in Alberta, not the most played but the largest. Moving his family in 1985 to Airdrie with TransCanada Pipelines where he worked until 2000 when he started his own Company “Full Score Sound” a DJ & Live Sound Enhancement Company. Ron also participates in a live Duo (John Beer Boys) & also a Nostalgic 60’s/70’s/80’s Band (Ronnie & The Fixations). In 2009 Ron wrote and recorded Airdrie’s 100th Centennial song “Airdrie Home To Me”

Meet Fiona Graham our Yoga instractor at the Calgary center!

Hello to all! I have been practicing yoga since 2014 and teaching since 2020. I have tried numerous styles of yoga and my favourite is traditional yoga (Hatha). Yoga has had such a healing impact on my life both mentally and physically, and I am excited to share my knowledge and love of yoga with others. I believe that yoga is for everyone and there is always a place to start. You are never too old or too young for yoga! I am so excited to meet you all!