My mom had been institutionalized most of my childhood. Her story was an incredibly sad one, involving a very tragic medical error that forever altered the lives of the entire family unit.

I decided to make the commitment to give my mom the best quality of life I was able. In 2015 we remove my mom from the nursing home, words cannot describe how very frail my mom was. For the first few months, my mom slept, cried, barely walked, was not audible, and wore diapers 24/7. She had no idea who any of us were, where she was, or who she was for that matter, and no matter how frequently we told her, she never remembered. Her awake time lasted minutes and the cycle began again.

I recall in my early adult years, as an employee in CentraCare, our community Psychiatric Hospital, the many calls I received from my co-workers throughout my years of employment, to my unit while I was actively “on shift” summoning me visit the “active treatment” ward to sit with my mom while she was breaking down or simply “giving up” on life. Mental illness and disabilities played a huge role in my world.


Fast forward to today, one year later, my mom is off most of her medications, would not wear a diaper if you paid her (she is now a fashion diva!), requiring only heart mediation and vitamins. This amazing lady runs circles around us, and God knows, she has a memory of an elephant! She paints, she cooks, she cleans, and she adores her time with the animals at home. Most importantly she has amazing relationships with all five of her children, her nineteen grandchildren and thirteen great grandchildren.

The transformation, simply with inclusion, caring, validation, interaction, and love, has transformed a broken woman into a cool senior. This amazing lady is my motivation to develop a structured, quality, holistic, supervised program for my community members, providing social interaction, quality programs, laughter and caring.

To privide an all-inclusive day service, supporting person with Disabilities and seniors, opening opportunities to acces the right to freedom of choice, quality of life, unprejudiced treatment adn access to stable and adequate supports.

To be leaders in the community, eliminating barriers, providing safe, caring and exceptional programs, offering meaningful activities designed to enhance the dignity, independence, joy and quality of life of all participants.